Designer and musician.

A creative, out of the box thinker Michael Spillane began his career at Gcom2 Solutions as an implementations specialist. Able to analyze a project from unique angles and offer innovative improvements, his well thought out and intelligent approach has helped to foster his growing track record of success. Michael has experience working with a myriad of brands both large and small, designing visual brand identity, user interface designs, photography and videography as well as numerous other applications. His work is characterized as sharp, effective, appealing and comprehensive.

Michael’s B.A. specializing in computer science and advanced coursework at Bond University in Queensland Australia, set the groundwork and foundation upon which he has honed his skillset. The uniqueness of what Michael has to offer is compounded by the impressive depth of his past experiences which span a number of fields. Near the beginning of his career, he garnered valuable expertise as an art director at McCarthy, Mambro & Bertino, one of Boston’s top 5 ad agencies.

His passion for design continued as he accepted a position as the first social media director for the Boston Globe, creating benchmarks instrumental in defining the role. Due to his work ethic and impressive technical abilities, he has also contributed to exciting projects including Rock the Vote and Impactual where he served as a digital media consultant, working to increase voter turnout.

More recently, Michael has been employing his skills as the lead designer at MOTU, an engineering driven music technology company which offers solutions widely used on hit songs, megatours, primetime shows and blockbuster films. Michael is also a key contributor to Creative Intent, as a user interface designer and head of marketing.


e | spillane.mss@gmail.com
p | +1.508.648.0090