Surreal Machines

Surreal Machines produces high quality modern audio software using the latest techniques of analog emulation, married with unique and personal takes on modern music production. It is well known for products featured on Ableton’s website. I partnered with Surreal Machines to produce and promote its expanding product line: two new software products and an interactive web browser-based experience that allows users to test the audio software before purchasing. This project included a rebrand of the current website with a goal of elevating the brand’s image and bringing consistent design across the software UI and website.


dynamic reshaper
audio plugin

Web Redesign

Bringing cohesiveness to all products by redesigning the website.

The goal was to elevate the website to match the new Impact UI design and ensure brand cohesion across all the products. I was charge with developing a consistent brand identity that factored in the different user interface styles of past products.


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