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Social Media Designer

The Job

I joined The Boston Globe in 2015 as its first dedicated social media designer. I worked closely with journalists to create graphics at the speed of ‘breaking news.’

In 2015 I started at The Boston Globe as the first social media designer for the paper and it’s digital representation I created breaking news graphics, as well as worked on long term projects with product development teams, creative services,  the video department, and editors for digital and interactive journalism projects.

Bridging the gap between print + digital


Journalists are not the enemy

In addition to creating social media graphics for breaking news events and key stories, I designed content for I collaborated with the product development teams, creative services department, the video department, and interactive journalism editors to support longer term projects. 

I loved my experience at the Boston Globe, as I got a firsthand look at how traditional print media was adapting to meet growing digital demands. I was embedded in the “power corner” of the editor’s of The Boston Globe, literally straddling the print and digital departments.