MOTU is a music technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MOTU’s award-winning hardware and software is used by top professionals every day on hit songs, mega tours, primetime shows and blockbuster films.


MOTU, Inc.


Senior Designer


Product Design
User Interface Design
Web Design
Print Advertising

M-Series | Product Design

As a senior designer at MOTU, I was responsible for designing ten new hardware products. Each product varied in technical specifications. I designed everything from potential hardware layouts and LCD screens to the final 3D material renders. The most challenging redesign projects were the M2 + M4 USB Interfaces, which were a complete departure from MOTU’s flagship products. This gave me creative freedom to design a product from the ground level.

Interface Design

I was in charge of creating unique user interface designs for new and existing products. The products ranged from recording software to audio plugins, web and desktop applications to Windows / iOS applications.

Performer Lite


Digital Performer



Touch Console


Discovery App




To elevate MOTU’s image, I took the initiative to art direct photo shoots, shoot products , and leverage the assets for product packaging, website product pages, and social media. Here’s a sample of some of the photography I shot. 

Website Redesign

The website overhaul was also a major project during my time at MOTU. I designed the look and feel of the new website, as well as the account back-end pages, the shop and every required page in between. We had to plan accordingly on how to maintain or update almost 15 years of content from the old CMS.

On top of the website overhaul we have been constantly releasing products and addressing day to day business needs. I was involved in every part of the process from the product or feature designs, art direction to editing video or photography to then use within all marketing materials. I also contributed musically by creating music templates, sample packs, or producing original music for demo videos.